The New Year is quickly approaching and the decisions that you make today will affect your outcomes tomorrow.  When it comes to marketing possibilities, there are a lot of options that you can look at and take part of.  However, when looking at these options the question you need to ask is, will these opportunities give me the results I am looking for?  Here are some tips, tricks and ideas for helping you make your 2020 the best it can possibly be.

Know your customers

The one thing that many people don’t think about are their customers.  More often than not, people are looking for the sales, however, the customers are where the sales come from.  This is why knowing your customers, who they are and why they buy is the key to any business success.

To know your customers, you want to know where they hang out.  Are they on Facebook or are they on Instagram?  When discovering where your customers hang out, you will then want to determine where and when they spend their money.  For example, they may hang out on Facebook, but spend their money on Snapchat.  Knowing this type of information can help you drive traffic to the different platforms with different messages for each.

Budget wisely

Don’t spend money just to spend money.  One of the biggest mistakes people make is throwing money into ads that don’t give them a return.  If you want to make money, then every penny you spend needs to give you a return on your investment in one way or another.  Either it will be from an email address on your list, a purchase of a loss leader product, a share on a social media site or something that engages with you and your product. 

marketing possibilities

Track and monitor everything

You want to track and monitor everything.  This can be a big job and can become confusing at times.  However, if you can track it, you know what it is doing.  If it is making you money, losing you money, building your leads and much more.  With this information you can then plan your next shift in your business.