For most people the thought of paying for an ad or money on their business through Pay Per Click can be a scary prospect.  When looking at PPC advertising the thought of paying for someone to just click a link seems like a scam.  However, when working with SEO services phoenix you can easily learn what will work, what to try and why many professionals such as Digital Current focus on the power of SEO and PPC to run their businesses.

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Test Free First

Before putting any money into a paid ad you want to test free options first.  Writing articles, blog posts or giving away free infographics are a great way to test the waters and test your message.  Once you have proven that there is a viable interest in your product or service you can then move on to the next step.

Build an audience

If you are going to pay for an ad you want to really define the audience that will see your ad.  The biggest mistake that people make is having a huge audience of people.  The mindset most people have is that the larger the audience the more people will see their ad and the more people that will come to their business.

The sad truth is that this is a myth.  You want to build a small tight niche audience first.  The reason for this is that when a smaller batch or people that are in your target market you can learn and discuss things easily.  You can find out what it is they like, don’t like, are interested in and what keywords and mindset they have when it comes to buying instead of browsing.

Start with a small budget

I like to start with a budget of around one hundred dollars.  The theory is that if you can make back your hundred dollars you have a willing ad.  If you can win back your hundred dollars and make a profit, then you have a killer ad.  With PPC and SEO it is all about finding the right people and giving them the right message at the right time.  If you can master this, then you can rule the Intenret.